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Rdx Love Movie Download 720p Watch Online Moviesrulz

Rdx Love Movie Download 720p Online Watch Moviesrulz

Rdx love movie download

Rdx Love Movie Download: Alivelu (Payal Rajput) is a village belle who works as a campaigner for government welfare schemes to reach the Chief Minister of the state. "Rdx Love Movie Download" How Siddu (Tejus Kancherla), the son of a biggie, meets her and will she actually solve the long-lasting problem of her village?
After making a stunning debut in RX 100, Payal Rajput returns to the silver screen as Alivelu in RDX Love, a village belle who campaigns to spread awareness about safe sex. 'Rdx Love Movie Download 'She also campaigns against gutka later on in the story. Her village doesn’t have a bridge for people to travel safely on and she wants to reach out to the Chief Minister for the same. How she brings him on-board with the help of her boyfriend Siddu forms the crux of the story.

RDX Love had a strong story-line, despite what the promotional posters and trailer convey. It’s sensible to examine a female-centric film with sturdy content in Telugu cinema. Payal Rajput to have done justice to her role, proving her mettle in action sequences too.

There’s a particularly well-shot kabaddi sequence in the film that works. Payal also gets ample chance to show off her glamorous side.

Rdx Love Full Movie Download

However, the film could deal with its emotional angle in a better manner. The way it wastes time with cheap and flat adult comedy in the first half before getting into the thick of things, later on, makes one lost interest. Khan’s act as a cop doesn’t work at all, nor does Tejus Kancherla’s screen presence. Payal Rajput outperforms him in every frame because he can’t emote. Senior actors like Nagineedu and Naresh perform well.

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The film even has some good visuals, but subpar music by Radhan doesn’t help the film. If only director Shankar Banu relied more on the story, he penned and Payal Rajput’s acting prowess than cheap comedy which is homophobic too and her glamour!

The intimate scenes become repetitive after a point, with the movie appealing to no one. Only Payal’s grace must save this film from being wiped off screens.

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Rdx Love Movie Download 720p Watch Online Moviesrulz Rdx Love Movie Download 720p Watch Online Moviesrulz Reviewed by All Movie Review on October 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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