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Evaru Telugu Movie review: Adivi Sesh, Regina Cessandra

Evaru Telugu movie review


Evaru Telugu Movie review: when looking at Evaru, they answer all queries, Adivi Sesh told North American country in an interview.

And for certain, whereas Evaru asks many queries, 'Evaru Telugu movie review' it will provide a reverberant answer - that the film is so galvanized by Spanish film.

Evaru is an Indian Telugu-language heroic tale film directed by Venkat Ramji. The film made by Pearl V Potluri, Param V Potluri and Kavin Anne.

The film prima Adivi Sesh, provincial capital Cassandra, and Naveen Chandra follows the story of a corrupt cop Vikram Vasudev (played by Sesh).

The music comprises Sricharan Pakala and a piece of writing by Garry Bh. They discharge the film on 15 August 2019. The film is part tailored from the French film The Invisible Guest.

The Invisible Guest. Why the manufacturers unbroken that beneath a wrap remains a mystery; however, Evaru may be a heroic tale that keeps you hooked right until the top.

Sameera (Regina Cassandra) is suspect of murdering an officer World Health Organization rapes her. Her attorney (Vinay Varma) hires a corrupt officer, Vikram (Adivi Sesh) to assist crack the case and defend Sameera against the prosecution attorney World Health Organization has the complete department on his aspect.

However A previous case handled by Vikram enters the plot, creating things appear additional difficult than they really area unit.

Evaru Movie cast

  • Adivi Sesh as Vikram Vasudev/ Aadarsh varma
  • Naveen Chandra as DSP Ashok
  • Regina Cassandra as Sameera Maha
  • Murali Sharma as Vinay Varma
  • Nihal Kodhaty as Aadarsh Varma

Make no mistake, it isn’t simple to tug off a heroic tale of this type and keep the viewers pasted and estimate, particularly given however a genre like this not explored a lot of in Telugu cinema, and for that Venkat Ramji deserves credit.

Whereas the movie maker makes many changes to the initial, he will stay the suspense impact right until the terribly finish.

However, whereas the manufacturers attach the dots between every twist and switch, there is one thing amiss in several subplots, and it will want the affiliation is not seamless.

In attempting to separate itself from the initial, Ramji needlessly creates a subplot and also the film ties itself up in knots. One will surprise why the initial plot tinkered with.

The film, however, raised by Adivi Sesh World Health Organization delivers a superb performance. Naveen Chandra, too, puts during a solid performance.

Because the lead character, Regina could have been slightly higher and does not continuously convey the impact that her character desires.

Evaru Story

Vikram Vasudev Story (Actually what happened that day) :
Vikram mentions to sameera regarding Adarsh varma WHO he met a year agone for protestant regarding his missing father and his determination to fulfill his father in Connor.

After presenting proof of their prohibited relation between Sameera and Ashok, Vikram slowly gets the reality out of Sameera’s mouth by coercing and forcing the reality out of her by pressure ways.

Evaru is interesting to the core and has some tight technical values; However, the film will let itself down from time to time with gas within the narration. a further subplot makes it additional confusing and does not work, however it’s AN earnest try from Venkat Ramji for his debut film.

If you’ve got seen the Invisible Guest or the Hindi film Badla, you’d set out feeling slightly underwhelmed. However, if you watch Evaru with an open mind, it will stun you.

The film opens with the rape try on Sameera by DSP Ashok in Connor. Sameera kills Ashok in self defense. It’s shown within the starting as associate open and shut case by the media WHO sympathies for sameera.

The case is being investigated by Vikram vasudev, a corrupt cop in Connor. He takes a bribe from Sameera WHO married to an expensive enterprise named Rahul Maha. As Vikram tries to uncover the reality of what happened that night, Sameera says that Ashok had raped her against her can.

Evaru Theatrical trailer

Rahul may be gay, and he has married sameera to hide his gender and have a fun life with boys. Sameera too has married him for cash and lavish life solely. Before marrying Rahul, Sameera has proverbial Ashok from her school days.

Co Incidentally Ashok may be a security officer for Rahul Maha’s firms. whereas attempting to shop for a resort from Vinay Varma, Ashok meddles with Vinay Varma and misbehaves with him on the thanks to the resort.

Therefore Vinay Varma spots Sameera and recognises her as a woman of Rahul Maha as Rahul Maha’s father and him area unit shut friends.

This irks sameera and she or he kills Vinay Varma in an exceedingly cold purebred manner and hides him to cover her relationship.

Ashok on seeing this feels unhealthy regarding crazy Sameera. He says to Sameera that he’s reaching to surrender her and himself before police on ethical grounds and tell these matters to Adarsh’s family.

Adarsh is that the son of Vinay Varma. Then, whereas having sex, Sameera kills Ashok with a pair of gunshots. Then somebody blackmails sameera on phone regarding the murders.

In the finish it’s unconcealed that Vikram vasudev has recorded proof of their spoken communication and submitted it to the police, proving Sameera’s guilt.

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Then it’s once more unconcealed that the Vikram Vasudev WHO gifted with Sameera was truly Adarsh Varma WHO was investigation his father’s death. Then the $64000 Vikram vasudev comes at the side of media to arrest her.

They have shot the film in Hyderabad and Kodaikanal. They bound the last schedule of the film up in july 2019.
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